14 February 2016

nicola's story

In a quiet village, there was a house which there lived a happy family called “The Simpsons.”
The Simpson were not an ordinary family.
The Simpson had 3 noisy children and their name were: Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Bart was the biggest, he liked riding the skateboards and reading comics. Lisa, on the other hand, liked playing the saxophone and reading history books, while Maggie enjoyed chewing her pacifier.

In the village there was an abandoned house since a very long time and it was literally eaten by mother nature.
One day Bart decided to go and check it out and he brought his pocket knife, a flash light and a toy sword with him, just in case. He tried to open the front door but the plants were stacked in it. So he tried going up the kitchen window and it worked. When he was in, he found a 1960’s comic book. He opened it and found no comic but a story and he started to read. The story told about a kid named Bartolius with 2 younger sisters that one day decided to get into an abandoned house in his village. Bartolius brought a kitchen knife, a stick and a oil lamp. He got in and found a very old manuscript. He picked up the misty paper and started to read this strange calligraphy.

It was really hard at first but then he started to understand. The manuscript told about a kid called Barto and his sisters. Barto lived in a tiny farm. One day he decided to go to explore a really dark cave, which his dad said never to go to, but he wanted to go anyway with his own risks. He brought a candle, a rake and his dog. He went in the gloomy entrance and found drawings of which he thought was a story. It seemed as there was a boy with his siblings. The boy was trying to enter a into a black hole. the drawing was signed by Barteinstein.